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It's Jail Time for High-End Wine Heister

By Courtney Cochran

Last year when I attended a gala release party for Verité Wines - a mega-high-end Sonoma property that's part of the Kendall-Jackson empire - I never imagined that the winery's directors would allow its wines to sell online at prices far below their stated retail price.  That's probably because the folks behind this critically acclaimed producer of elegant Bordeaux-style reds would never do such a thing - to do so would risk eroding the prestige of the brand and would almost certainly make it difficult to command full price for the wines elsewhere.

But, as it turns out, someone else would do such a thing - and did.  Illegally. 

Wine Country Itinerary: Monterey County

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Peninsula Tasting and Carmel Valley Village

As you approach the turnoff for the Monterey Peninsula on Highway 1, consider an easy stop at Ventana Vineyards, located close to the intersections of Highways 68 & 218.  One of the pioneering stars of the area, Ventana's wines are estate grown, offering high quality and excellent value.  There are a wide variety of whites, reds and dessert choices to enjoy. Check out the spectacular Super Tuscan Sangiovese blend Due Amici, a recent "Best of Class" winner. You will also find some excellent Meador Estate Wines here.