Harvest Update: Picking & Sorting Grapes

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Wineries around Napa Valley and Sonoma are watching their vineyards and grapes closely and will start harvesting any day now. Some have begun harvesting already. See the round-up of updates from across the blogosphere.

St. Francis Winery - Sonoma County, CA
"Our fourth consecutive "September Harvest" began with this morning's arrival of 8 tons of hand-picked Sonoma Valley Chardonnay grapes at our inspection platform. To our specifications, the sweet (24° Brix), plump golden grapes were hand-picked and cold to the touch--a good start for crushing. Once again, the sights and smells on our bustling Crush Pad are unmistakable: it is Harvest in Sonoma.- Christopher Silva, President & CEO
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Cuvaison - Napa Valley, CA
Report: At 10 pm on September 11, 2012, several crews began harvesting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay  grapes from our estate vineyards in Carneros. Crews worked tirelessly until 4 am, bringing in 31 tons of Pinot Noir and 32 tons of Chardonnay! The grapes look fantastic and we are all very excited about this year's crop! Watch the video to get a first hand look.

Bourassa Vineyards - Napa Valley, CA
"Harvest is in full swing here in Napa Valley - many of the white wine grapes are coming in as well a few varietals of red grapes. At Bourassa Vineyards, we will be getting Zinfandel in first around October 1, followed by Syrah and Merlot mid-October and ending harvest with our Cabernet Sauvignon about October 20th." - Vic Bourassa, Owner.
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Kendall Jackson - Sonoma County, CA
"Things are starting to get serious with Harvest now. We're bringing Sauvignon Blanc in at a pretty good clip. We've got the presses running, no drama; things are looking good.I'm certainly going to start bringing in the first reds next week. We have a few blocks of Merlot that are ripening fast and starting to taste really good." - Matt, Winemaker
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