Wine Samplers for the Holidays

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tastingRoomWineSampler_2011.jpgThe wheel. Sliced bread. Electricity. wine samplers.

Life was fine without these revolutionary inventions but it's oh so much better with them.
How can one wine product be that different and industry-changing? We're glad you asked. Wine samplers let you try wine before you buy the bottle. That's right, no more paying first and then hoping you like the wine. These samplers let you taste six top wines at home and then buy bottles of your favorites. Like we said--it's revolutionary.
And, we're excited to offer our readers a special 1¢ Shipping promotion to discover this amazing wine innovation for themselves. Click here to shop and use promo code WCGIFT.* Better hurry! Offer expires 12/30/2011.
As a reader of, we know you love wine. We know you love exploring the world of wine. And, while we know you'd love to zip on over to the world's best winery tasting rooms every time you want to try a new wine, we also know this isn't always a viable option. But now, because of this no longer means that you can't enjoy the "try before you buy" experience anytime you want.
Introducing the sampler! Each of their samplers contains six "Mini" bottles that contain 1.7 ounces of wine from the top wineries from around the world. You will also get a bunch of fun stuff in your box like tasting notes and a tasting card to help with the experience. You will love lining up your wines, comparing and contrasting them and then ranking each of them on your personal page at Now, go online and buy the full-size bottles you loved.
Pretty incredible right? Now, to the bigger question on everyone's mind--where do you start? They actually have some pretty cool categories to choose from.
Wanna drink like the stars? Start with a Celebrity Sampler from super chefs Mario Batali and Michael Chiarello, world-renowned sommelier Rajat Parr and wine-personality Gary Vaynerchuk. They've picked their favorites with tasting notes and food pairings. These are great if you like a little guided exploration.
Varietal samplers let you taste all the different ways a grape can express itself in the glass. Learn all about a varietal or taste six new wines and find your new favorite.
Regional samplers are a wonderful way to get to know the nuances of a terroir. Taste the diversity of wines that can grow in one area. Can you taste any similarities? Even if you can't, isn't it fun trying? It's the next best thing to visiting the wine region yourself!
Get to know an individual winery with our winery samplers. This is just like drinking a flight at the winery, except you can do it in the comfort of your home. And just like a tasting room, you can order full-size bottles of the ones you love.
However you choose to embark on your adventure, we know that just like the internet and smart phones, the phenomenon of trying before you buy will become a way of life. Don't forget to shop here before 12/31 to get $10 off ANYTHING* with promo code WCGIFT!
* Offer excludes gift cards.

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Beautiful packaging on these wine gift sets. Much nicer than the typical basket from the cheese and meat vendors who try to do wine as well. Will be giving these at corporate gifts this year.

Great idea! For those who want to give the gift of a sampling from their wine region but can't swing the cost of multiple bottles, this makes perfect sense!

Avoid! I've had nothing but bad experiences with them, especially with regard to their samplers and Super Flights. They have gone downhill FAST!

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