Block Party

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blockparty_HERO.jpgWhat's the latest craze in the wine world? Boxed wine! It's back and its better than ever. Throw out your old expectations of boxed wines and think inside the box. For your next party or to send as a wine gift the Block Party Chardonnay and Cabernet duo delivers on taste, value and convenience. Great as a wine gift for the hostess or to send across the country to family and friends too.

Read on for Block Party's great benefits:
blockparty_lookingdownviewTHUMBNAIL.jpg1.    FRESHER LONGER: Unlike traditional bottled wine, which after opening keeps fresh in the bottle for about 3 days, the airtight packaging inside the box and sealed spout keep your wine fresh for up to 6 weeks!

2.    CONVENIENT: The easy pour spout and smaller packaging makes pouring and storing easier. Pour a little or a lot; the easy pour spout lets you decide. And you won't need extra space to store it - you can tuck it in the fridge or pantry until you're ready for your next glass.

3.    ECO-FRIENDLY: This contemporary packaging, which averages 2lbs less than its volume equivalent of 2 bottles of wine, reduces your carbon footprint by half. The extra savings are passed on to you. Plus the outside packing can be recycled too! Good for the environment. Great wine for you.

Taste the difference with the two box set of Block Party Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Filled with top-quality Chilean red wine and white wine. With 2 bottles of wine packaged in each box you can really keep the party going. That's a total of 4 bottles.

Try these great boxed wines for yourself. Pick up 2 sets and use code BLOCK2 to save $25. That's $65 for 8 bottles of wine!!!

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