Discover New Wines (at a fraction of the cost!)

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tastingroom_image.jpgPart of the fun of wine tasting is discovering new wines and wineries. But traveling to the California wine country isn't always easy--especially in tough economic times. Fortunately, offers an affordable way to bring the wine country to you.

How? teams with top wineries to deliver tastes of their best wines right to your door. The wine comes in packages of six taste-sized mini bottles (50ml) which are perfect replicas of the originals, inside and out. Each bottle contains 1.7 ounces of premium wine -- the equivalent to a generous tasting room pour.

And here's the amazing part: the wine samplers feature six wines from six different wineries side-by-side. These are top-caliber wines from established vintners like Grgich Hills and DeLoach or hidden gems like Storybook Mountain and La Follette. So, if you want to compare Cabernets from six Napa wineries, you can. Or if you want to explore a range of varietals in one sampler, you can do that too. They also have winery samplers so you can enjoy a flight of the best wines a single winery has to offer. There are dozens of wine samplers to choose from starting at $19.99.
Part of the fun of wine tasting is finding that one wine you absolutely LOVE and getting a bottle (or more!) offers full bottles of every wine they serve (with great discounts too!)  In fact, you can taste every wine they sell. That means you can be confident that you'll love every bottle you buy because you get to taste it first. takes the guesswork out of buying wine. saves you money in other ways too. A winery tasting room charges $10- $20 (at least) for four to six 1 oz. tastes, and if you're lucky the tasting fee will be applied to your purchase of three full bottles or more. With, you get six 1.7 oz. tastes delivered right to your door. You can sip and savor to your heart's delight, and when you find that perfect wine you know you'll love, you can get discounts on the full bottles.  No travel. No guesswork. Big savings.

The comparison factor is huge. Think about it. Taste six premium wines from six wineries side-by-side. Find the one you like best. Maybe it's less expensive than the one the experts say is better. Hey, it's your taste that counts. Sure, you could go out and buy six full-sized bottles of fine wine and compare them but that would set you back $200 -$300. Hmmm. So, you can taste wines that normally cost $300 for a tenth of the cost? Now you're talking.
So, whether it's saving money through home delivery, taking the risk out of wine buying, or taking advantage of fantastic promotions and discounts, is one of the best wine deals in town. Let's see. Discover great wines. Savor them at home. Save money. What's not to like?

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