Tasting Tours & Barrel Blending

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winetheif.jpgSUISUN VALLEY, CA - The Vezer Family is one of the originators and only one of a few wineries in California that specialize in Barrel tours that actually take you through a hands on Blending experience. This Barrel room tour starts with a base wine right from the barrel, at the same time your host is giving you a wonderful history lesson in the art of wine making, the use of barrels, the origination of aromas and bouquets, the structure of the wine grape itself, and how to balance and give you a well rounded tasting experience.
winetheif2.jpgThere are always Lots of Laughs as Frank (the Owner), his son in-law Jake (the Cellar Master), or one of their well trained staff members walk you through this 170 year old property and the experience of first hand wine blending right in the Vezer's famous Barrel Room, all the while having the guests create an imaginary meal to pair with the wine that they had just blended. Be prepared to joke around, and to stay a while.  There is also pairing cheeses and chocolates with some of Vezer's great Port Style wines, all right from the Barrel.

winetheif3.jpgBlending tours are at the Vezer's Blue Victorian Winery at 5071 Suisun Valley Rd. Suisun Valley (Fairfield Ca) 7 days a week; by appointment: Monday thru Thursday and walk-ins are welcome 12:30 noon to 6 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week.  Each tour averages 45 min. Barrel tasting is free if each person buys a bottle after the tour, if not it is normally $20/person, but this is no average tasting, the pours right out of the "wine thief" are all very generous.

Vezer's Blue Victorian
5071 Suisun Valley Rd.
Suisun Valley, CA

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Sounds like a great tour. You can't beat learning about a great process, unless the teachers are fun also. Thanks for the tip, I'll pass it along.

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