2 for 1 Wine Tasting Offers

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Wine and cheese tasting @ Strewn Winery

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NAPA VALLEY, CA - The cost of wine tasting in Napa Valley can easily add up if you're not careful. Before you know it, you've gone to 3 wineries and may have spent close to $80 if not more for one couple. Those tasting fees don't include purchasing any of the fabulous wine you've been tasting either.

So, be a smart Napa Valley wine taster this year. See the list of wineries below who offer 2 for 1 wine tasting offers year-round. Print and present to tasting room staff on your next visit to their winery.

Need to find out where all of these wineries are located? Use our handy Napa Valley printable map to plot your wine tasting course!
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Great article I know first hand how expensive visiting wineries can be. My wife and I are on a quest to visit all 90 North carolina wineireis this year,


I can't understand how a Wine Country publication that is responsible for driving tourism to Napa Valley work so hard to undermine it's own efforts! The cost of luxuries in life are all about the economies of scale; what is expensive to some people may not be to others. Please let the consumers decide what they can and cannot afford before you deter visitors away from the Napa Valley region.

Napa is not just a name. Napa Valley is a world-class "brand" and a lifestyle to which people aspire. Many consumers are willing to pay more just to affiliate themselves with the Napa Valley, and they seek to associate themselves with anything that comes from the land that is in balance with nature, beauty and health.

Napa Valley does not have to be ultra-expensive (although it certainly can be that), but Napa has to be high-quality, natural and beautiful. A destination for all people to appreciate regardless of the price tag.

I was disappointed with Beaulieu. It is not a 2 for 1, as in two persons can each taste for one price. It is one person can have two types of tasting for one price.If you are with a friend, only you get two tastings for one price, Unless you and your friend share one glass, as my husband and I do.

For most folks, it still is very tough economic times. Finding a deal to make traveling more affordable or ease the cost is certainly a good idea in most people's minds. I think anyone who is reading the news knows that people are still traveling, but they are looking to stretch their dollar. That includes visiting Napa Valley.

For the folks that think Napa Valley tasting fees are expensive, then finding these tasting coupons is great. For those that don't need them, good for them.

To each his own is what I say. Me for my part (and on the part of friends who go wine tasting all the time) I'm glad WineCountry.com makes it easy to find the offers. I end up buying more wine, then spending it all on just tasting the wine and going home empty handed!

For anyone else who looks for tasting coupons or deals in general - YELP is a good resource too!

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