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Wine Country Personality: Steve Noble Ledson

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wcPersonality_LedsonWinery_SteveNoble.jpgSteve Ledson has always taken pride in doing a good job. While still a young child, he helped his father on the family farm and learned the business like any other proud, hard-working Sonoma County resident...by getting his hands dirty. Early on in life, Steve knew he was destined to dream in details, he achieved success right out of high school by starting a residential development business but soon yearned for something more. After being instilled with the importance of carrying on traditions; Steve Noble Ledson adopted his father's passion for growing grapes--as well as his grandfather's and great-grandfathers before him--and decided to start a winery of his own.

Steve started by planting 17 acres of Merlot in the heart of Sonoma Valley on property on which he hoped to build his dream home surrounded by vineyards just off of Highway 12. In 1993 when his Merlot was ready for its first harvest, Steve had started to build his 16,000 square foot dream home complete in Gothic style, reminiscent of a French castle in Normandy. However, when cars kept pulling into the driveway to look at more than just the vineyards, Steve realized his fantasy home may be better suited as a showpiece perfect for housing tasting rooms, lavish gatherings, and picturesque views.