With Respect: Wine Tales of the Decade

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robertmondavi.jpegBy Courtney Cochran

Props to Sasha Paulsen over at the Napa Valley Register for penning a spectacular piece on the top trials, travails and triumphs of the last ten years in wine. Beginning with a nod to the two economic downturns that "bookended" the decade, Paulsen explores everything from the departure of legends (RIP, Robert Mondavi) to the erection of Tuscan castles to a move towards producing wines with environmental and sustainable cues in mind.
"Loss of The Age of Innocence"
The piece touches on some truly poignant trends afoot in today's wine world, perhaps chief among them the transformation of an industry once largely run by family-led businesses to one in which global conglomerates move millions of cases by way of sophisticated mass marketing techniques - and sometimes by way of aggressive pricing tactics.  The squeeze is no doubt on, but so are a lot of other exciting developments and directions, like increased freedoms in direct shipping laws, and the emergence of a dynamic new customer set in Millennials And so, though many wineries are starting the new decade with stocks unsold, optimism is inarguably on the up, and we're looking forward to the next decade - and to taking you along for the ride.

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