Must-Have Glasses For Holiday Party Season

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Fusion-Infinity-placesetting.jpgby Deirdre Bourdet

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and while most people have started planning their menus, most people haven't given much thought to rustling up stemware for the hordes of celebrants about to descend.  Big gatherings tend to bring out those back-of-the-cupboard wine "goblets," or the ever-festive plastic glasses--both because of necessity (few people have 14 Spiegelau glasses on hand), and because no tears will be shed when the inevitable shattering occurs.

Having recently broken two Riedels at home myself, I decided it was time to check out the purportedly "break-resistant" wine glasses Wine Enthusiast stocks.  Fusion stemware is made of lead-free European crystal fused with magnesium, and is backed with a 10-year warranty.  If the glasses shatter from normal klutziness, Wine Enthusiast will replace it for free.  (See full details at  Now obviously this is still crystal, so if you hurl it to the sidewalk in a fury, it will almost certainly break--and not be covered by the warranty.  But Fusion is apparently immune to those everyday backhands that bring down your glass and its contents in a cascade of splintered pain.  

As I was rinsing out my sexy new stems for the very first time, I unintentionally thwacked the base into my sink--which has been the death of many, many drinking vessels--and found to my delight that the stem and base were totally intact.  Later tipping of the glass onto my wooden coffee table and tile counter yielded the same result: major wincing on my part, a deafening sound on impact, a few little follow-up bounces, but at the end, a perfectly unscathed, beautiful wineglass that still sounds like crystal when you toast.  

Fusion makes two styles--the Classic, which looks like the basic crystal wineglasses most people have, and the high-style, high-rise Infinity, which has extra long stems, sharper angles, and is (not surprisingly) about five dollars more per glass.  Wine Enthusiast is currently offering eight glasses for the price of six, plus free shipping, so the time is right.  

These glasses open up a whole new world of entertaining...think of all those people you can invite back to your house!  You'll breathe easier and drink better on turkey day, too.

Fusion Stemware:
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