Hoax or No - Twitter to Make Wine??

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fledglingwine.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

It's true, management for social networking phenomenon Twitter.com recently announced a partnership the company has struck with San Francisco-based Crushpad, the urban winery, to make its own brand of wine: Fledgling. Proceeds for the so-called social media wine - which has its own handle, natch: @fledgling - will go to Room to Read, a charity that supports international literacy projects. And with some 49,124 followers as of press time, it sounds like Twitter's Fledgling Wine is off to a buzz-worthy start.
But Why?
Still, some media players have riddled the project, asking what exactly winemaking has to do with micro-blogging. I have to say, as much as I applaud Crushpad's savvy press move in locking down a partnership with one of the most-watched tech companies of the moment, I can't say that I really understand the connection, either. 7x7's Jordan Mackay astutely pointed out that there is little incentive for consumers to buy the wine for the wine's sake alone: the grapes come from undisclosed California vineyards and bottles won't even be available until August 2010. From a company that prides itself on "live!" communications, this timeline is staggeringly protracted.

But at least it's all giving us something new to talk about in the now. To wit, a recent Tweet from the @fledgling handle announced, "Doing punchdowns gives winemakers buff guns (plus they help the wine taste good too) Newest winemaking video: http://bit.ly/3eundd.

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