Top Napa Wine Stops?

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vineyardPic.jpgWondering which wineries to stop by on your next trip to  Napa Valley? Need some new choices if coming on a return trip?  Roy Isle of Food & Wine Magazine picked his top wine stops in Napa Valley.They included:

  • Newton Vineyard
  • Acme Fine Wines
  • CADE Winery
  • Conn Creek Winery
  • Freemark Abbey
  • Vineyard 7 & 8

All wonderful choices as they all make some great wine. You'll have to decide which ones are worth your tasting room dollars and driving mileage when you are planning your trip.

CLICK HERE for a list of Napa Valley wineries.

In the meantime, what are your favorite Napa Valley winery stops?

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Some of my favorite stops for wine tasting in Napa Valley are:

Jessup Cellars - They are fabulous. I love their wine and recently became a wine club member. My last tasting trip included them with a group of friends and we did wine tasting paired with their cheese platter. It was a blast. They are located in Yountville.

Corison - Recently tasted at this winery too. It's by appointment only. They specialize in reds and do not disappoint. Definitely pick up a bottle. And I like that you are tasting inside the barrell room. Gives a different feel to your entire tasting experience. They are in St. Helena I think right off Hwy 29.

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