Wine Jobs 2.0

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murphy_goode.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Used to be, all you had to do when applying for a job was submit a resume and show up for the interview. Not any more. In today's era of Web 2.0 (see Facebook , TwitterTasteLive , Wine 2.0 , et al), you've also got to prove you can create a one-(wo)man social media empire more or less out of thin air - and do so in the course of a one-minute online video that you (with your stealth online video producing prowess) produce, natch. If all this has you yearning for days when job searching only required a new suit and a few angst-inducing, in-person (read: private) interviews, you're not alone. You may, however, be missing the boat.
Goode Jobs Don't Come Easy Anymore
Missing the boat, that is, if you're applying for one of the new Social Media Specialist positions being offered by some of the more adventurous wine companies, such as Sonoma's Murphy Goode . In a move widely upheld as one of the most effective PR moves in the wine biz in recent years, the winery has captured the attention of media outlets as far away as London and India with its "A Really Goode Job" search, which requires applicants to submit a one-minute video of themselves explaining why they're the best fit for the winery's newly created "Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent" job. And though the "dream job" concept isn't exactly novel - it's been done before in Australia - it IS absolutely effective: at press time more than 1,300 Videos had been uploaded and countless blog pages and Twitter accounts launched - all of which increase awareness for the family-run operation.

Oh, and there is an upside to all this effort: the applicant selected gets to live rent-free in Sonoma for six months at a salary of $10,000 a month ; the only catch is he or she's gotta create that social media empire single-handedly at the same time. For the right Mr. or Ms. Wine 2.0, that may not be such a stretch.

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