Wine Cocktails for your Summer Barbecue

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One of the biggest BBQ weekends is upon us. Folks around the country will be pulling out their grills and barbecuing up a storm - ribs, chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers - you name it, it's on the grill. What's a little barbecue without a couple of beers and of course wine! There are scores of white wines to serve chilled as a fresh, cool respite from the heat or of course the ever popular pairing of Zinfandel later on in the evening.

But why not try some wine cocktails this year:


Other wine cocktail recipes:

Pinot Grigio Wine Cocktail
Get the recipe & watch the video on how to make!

Champagne Punch
Breezy summer drink recipe by Martha Stewart.

What would summer be without a little sangria! Find the basic recipe and several variations like "Peach & Orange Sangria, Citrus Sangria, etc."

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I can't wait for summer to come so I can sit under the shade and drink some white or rosé wines... I even purchased some Riedel glassware in preparation for it!

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