Mutineer Makes Good

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mutineer.jpegBy Courtney Cochran

Twenty-something sommelier Alan Kropf tried going the traditional route - logging stints as a floor sommelier at The Beverly Hills Hotel and alongside resto great Gordon Ramsay in West Hollywood - but ultimately, his career calling came from somewhere wholly unexpected: the page. Now Editor-In-Chief of alt-beverage publication Mutineer Magazine , Kropf and his team of snarky scribes pen edgy editorial that encompasses the worlds of wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea, soda and even water - and are attracting no shortage of intrepid beverage advertisers and readers along the way.
Of Energyology and Other Cool Beverage Stuff
With a decidedly anti-establishment slant (one advertisement reads: "not your parents' beverage magazine") and editorial aimed squarely at Internet users - a recent feature covered top beer blogs - the four issue-young pub is addressing today's newest beverage enthusiasts just as they ought to be. Indeed, its smart mix of references to trends originating both on- and offline and its coverage of multiple beverage categories has clearly struck a nerve: the magazine just secured national distribution, and plans for future issues are well underway. And with Millennials (American born after the year 1977) fast taking shape as the most adventurous - and knowledge-thirsty - wine consumers in our nation's short history, the time is certainly ripe for a magazine like Mutineer. Pick up Issue 4 for the latest on latte art ("Latte Art Throwdown"), fancy water additives ("Energyology: What's In This Stuf???"), and opinions about the 100-point wine scale ("The Dump Bucket").

Here's to seeing what Mutineer serves up next.

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