Crush on Bordeaux

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By Robert Farmer

You've heard me go on about how great custom winemaking programs are, and how a few of them go beyond the simple do-it-yourself drill to provide an experience you won't soon forget - and wine you can actually drink. One such program is the popular Crushpad, a Napa-based company that has helped set the standard for individual winemaking.
Leveraging the expertise of wine industry veterans and the access to premium grapes from the region, Crushpad puts its members at the helm of their own personal winery, letting them call the shots (with well-placed direction) to make the kind of wine that reflects not only the character of the grapes, but of their own unique character. Members can be as involved in the process as they see fit--from completely hands on, to simply checking in on progress via the Internet from time to time.

It was recently announced that the experience is now set to go European. Crushpad recently announced its intention to open a branch in Bordeaux, famed French appellation and favorite region of wine snobs the world over. With plans to get under way later this year or early 2010, it's now conceivable to produce your own Bordeaux label -- and you won't even need a castle.

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