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rubberchicken.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

In the ever-evolving world of online wine marketing, there are a number of fascinating trends that have lately caught my eye. Among them, I've noted in this blog many wineries' recent embrace of social networking tools such as online networks, Twitter and Facebook to connect with customers. And while these methods are certainly novel, they can't touch Sierra Foothills-based Twisted Oak Winery's recent use of the Web along with a small army of rubber chickens for sheer outrageousness where contemporary wine marketing is concerned.
Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Week Takes Off
Here's how it went down: Between January 25 and February 5, 2009, eight intrepid Twisted Oak fans took rubber chickens to work and submitted photos and videos of their fowls' escapades to the Twisted Oak blog. And while the entries themselves are certainly worth a gander (highlights include Beauty Salon Rubber Chicken and - my favorite - Vector Control Rubber Chicken, who fights infectious diseases at work), the real story so far as I see it is the clever way in which Twisted Oak founder Jeff Stai is engaging an online audience in a new - and absolutely unforgettable - way. This is exactly the kind of online experience that draws in viewers and gives them a good reason to become invested in a brand - keys to creating long-term loyalty and sales.

It's also proof that sometimes the road never before traveled (or even imagined) is the secret to stellar marketing.

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Actually, we had a LOT more than 8 entries. Folks seem to really get into it and the overwhelming response is gratifying. Not to mention fun! I'm tempted to do a Summer-oriented version of it in a few months. Thanks!

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