Is That a Snappy Wine Label, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

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bottle_yourex.jpegBy Courtney Cochran

Husband-and-wife team Paul and Kacky Chamberlain of San Diego-based Cerebral Itch, Inc. not only have a knack for snarky jargon, they've been able to channel their self-described "wicked sense of humor" into a remarkably successful line of greeting cards, e-cards, t-shirts and self-adhesive wine labels. And while some of their more racy material isn't fit to print here, much of the wine label stuff is sufficiently PG.

A sampling:

Breakup & Divorce
Front label:  "I saw your ex the other day and I might add, he looked like hell."
Back label:  "You on the other hand, look fabulous.  Let's celebrate!"

Front label:  "Don't waste this wine on the uncultured palates of other guests."
Back label:  "FROM:..." (space to write your name)

Front label:  "Obligatory Hostess Gift (We bought it on the way here)"
Back label: "FROM:..." (space to write your name)

"Drink Responsibly, Laugh Recklessly"
The removable peel and stick labels - which bear the tagline "drink responsibly, laugh recklessly" - strike just the right difficult-to-hit note between obnoxious and funny and have taken off in recent months following coverage in the likes of the Chicago Tribune and drinks writer Dan Dunn's influential Imbiber.  And with Americans entertaining at home far more now than in recent years thanks to a little something we call a recession, these labels make a great way to add some affable pizzaz to bottles presented to party hosts.  After all, can't we all use a few more laughs these days?  

Buying info: Available at select merchants nationwide and in Canada and at the Cerebral Itch site; prices start at $3/label.

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Okay - very nice find on these guys. Their stuff is hilarious. I've already ordered a bunch for a party next week. Thanks for finding these gems!


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