Vampire Phenomenon Infiltrates Wine World

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By Courtney Cochran

If you haven't noticed the rash of vampire-related TV shows and films appearing on screens stateside, then perhaps it's because you've been sleeping under a rock.  To wit, Twilight - the newly released megapicture chronicling an "epic" romance between a vampire and a teenage girl - is currently raking it in at the box office, while standout new HBO series, True Blood, has hard-core sci-fi fans and regular viewers alike abuzz about its racy plotlines that follow centuries-old vampires as they "mainstream" into contemporary life in a rural southern town.
Marketing Misstep
And so, in light of all this creature-of-the-night hoopla, it should come as no surprise that an upstart wine brand aims to capitalize on all of this interest.  Called - appropriately - Vampire Vineyards and headquartered - where else? - in Beverly Hills, the operation produces a wide range of value-priced wines from fruit grown in Central Coast vineyards as well as in France.  Curiously, the wines come in white and blush versions (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and White Zin) as well as full-bore red bottlings, a detail that strikes me as a bit of a misstep from a marketing standpoint.  Why?  Seems to me that the bulk of the fun in serving a Vampire Vineyards-branded wine must come from the inference - however far-fetched - that what's inside is not really wine but in fact blood, and that you, by extension, are not just some ordinary Joe but in fact a daring, fly-by-the-night, film-and-television-starring...well, vampire.  

Something that would be awfully difficult to do if what you're serving is any color other than red.

Available online for shipment to select states, the UK, the EU and Canada. 

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I love everything about vampires and the wine is great as well ... I purchased a $9 bottle of wine that tastes like a $50...I strongly suggest for those that want to become an sexy immortal...heheheheh

Great article!

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