"Bailout Wine" Won't Save Your 401K, But It May Save You a Few Bucks

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By Courtney Cochran

In these sketchy economic times, it seems that nothing is safe from deflation, devaluation and the many other disturbing indicators of economic mayhem wreaking havoc across our land. But thanks to urban winery Crushpad's newest creation, Bailout Wine* , these signs of malaise are no longer quite so frightening - at least not when it comes to the state of the wine scene.
New Deal for Wine Enthusiasts
In a clever send-up of traditional wine futures, Crushpad's Bailout Wines feature a price - $39/bottle - tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the US's second-oldest stock market index and popular indicator of the economic health of our nation.  For every 100-point drop in the Dow between the date of purchase and the wine's bottling date - slated for August 14, 2009 - Crushpad will knock $2 off each bottle's $39 price tag, down to a floor of $9.  If the Dow should - gasp! - somehow increase between now and then, the wine's price will remain fixed at $39 - an amount Crushpad claims is a serious bargain compared to prices for comparable bottles of wine, which routinely sell for $75 and up. (Or, perhaps we should say wines that used to routinely sell for $75 and up, before we got ourselves into this miserable economic mess.)

At the end of the day, Bailout Wine won't salvage your dwindling 401K, but it just might make you smile at a time when there's - frankly - little left to grin about.

* Don't miss the hilarious Bailout Wine video featuring spoofs of the films Scream and Dude, Where's My Car!

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