Gift Guide 2008 - Wine Gadgets

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iStock_000003501714XSmall.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

This holiday season, make an impression on the oenophiles on your list with stylish wine gifts of all stripes.  Read on for some of our favorites. 

Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Servers $5
Give the gift of a non-drip pour - non-drip pour spouts, that is.  These special non-drip servers snap easily into the neck of most open wine bottles and add a touch of elegance to a meal or tasting.  Remove for easy cleaning, and re-use.  Particularly handy if you're pouring over carpeting or guests' clothing where spilled wine would be - shall we say - a most unwelcome addition to the party.   

glasses.gifRiedel Vinum 6 Plus 1 Gift Set $142
Wine loving pals will be thrilled to receive this gift pack from Austria's renowned glass maker, Riedel. The set - which comes in a convenient carrying case - includes six of Riedel's most popular glass, the Vinum Bordeaux stem, and a lead-free decanter.  The generous-sized glasses are crafted to serve with Cabernet or Merlot, but work beautifully with wines of all styles, including whites.

Complete Cheese Service $37
And where would your next wine party be without a little cheese? From Metrokane - makers of the über popular Rabbit corkscrew - comes the Complete Cheese Service, which combines cheese board, cheese knives and tools storage case all in a single unit. The attractive cheese board is crafted from fine-grained bamboo and the tools - in modern, sculpted designs - fit snugly underneath the tray during storage An ideal gift for an organized host.

Oster 4207 Electric Wine Opener $20
Oster's sleek electric wine opener is a marvel in simplicity: it removes corks in two quick clicks, making for effortless bottle opening - and no shortage of conversation among guests. The ergonomically designed cordless unit fits snugly in the palm of your hand, works with most traditional wine bottles and comes with foil cutter and recharging base. Simply terrific.

Pinzon Wine Vacuum Pump & Stoppers $8
Don't let loved ones let open bottles go to waste! The Vacuum Pump from Pinzon makes a terrific gift for anyone who enjoys wine, but who may not always finish an open bottle. Made of stainless steel, sturdy plastic and silicone, the reusable pump and accompanying rubber stoppers are easy to use and stop the oxidation process before it starts, allowing open wine to be stored for up to two weeks.

winecooler.jpgVacu Vin Tabletop Wine Cooler $30
Why fiddle with ice when you don't have too? Vacu Vin's innovative tabletop wine cooler utilizes a reusable cooling element to chill bottles in minutes, so you don't have to worry about messy ice baths or wet, misshapen labels. The unit keeps bottles chilled for an impressive four hours, and its removable cooling pack flattens for easy freezer storage. Another great gift for the efficient host.

EdgeStar Deluxe Thermoelectric Wine Cooler $200
An ideal gift for those living in small spaces or just beginning to build a wine collection, EdgeStar's 28-bottle wine cooler gets the job done in style. Its sleek minimalist design encompasses silver finish on the door trim and a modern towel-style handle alongside energy efficient double paned glass, behind which bottles are stored at suitable temperature and humidity settings.

Swissmar Decanting Funnel $20
This elegant, polished stainless steel wine funnel wins points for its included drip stand and filter. Decanting funnels have long been used by sommeliers to coax out complex flavors in both mature and young wines alike, and now your favorite wine fan can achieve these same results at home. Swissmar's version comes with four holes for maximum aeration and should be used along with a decanter.

goldrabbit.jpgThe Art of Decanting $14
Sandra Jordan's stunning book will delight oenophiles who have always wondered about the wherewithall - and technique - behind decanting fine wine. Filled with sumptuous images shot at the author's Jordan Vineyards & Winery in Sonoma and at a host of other picturesque spots in wine country, the lovely book is as much a feast for the eyes as the mind.

Metrokane Golden Rabbit, Titanium $200
And finally, for the investment banker on your list, splurge on Metrokane's over-the-top Golden Rabbit, made of all die-cast, triple-plated titanium gold - a special alloy that matches the luster of gold but boasts more durability. Flashy in a way that only a trophy wine opener can be, it's a gift well suited to someone who routinely pulls the cork on bottles of a certain caliber, and wants to make a splash while doing it.

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It is happy to see your posting. Yes really informative article. I will tell this information again to my friend

Was given the Oster electric wine opener as a gift. I thought it was one of those "Who needs it gadgets?" but I use it regularly. It remains charged in its base. Removal is effortless. The only problem is opening old bottles. You might consider an "Ah so" type for those. Great gift, esp at the price.

Another really great wine centric gift idea is StemGrip. An ingenious device that lets you wash you Riedel stemware in the dishwasher! Who like to hand wash stemware?

If you are on a budget ... check this out the link for a new gift idea for the 'Wine Dad' in your life

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