Wine 2.0 Takes Off

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By Courtney Cochran

With the rash of new social (heh, Facebook) and micro-social (Twitter, anyone?) networking sites, it was only a matter of time before the techno-connectivity bug hit the wine world, big time. Enter Wine 2.0, an organization whose tagline - "Blending the Line Between Wine & Technology" - sums up its vocation, though there's a lot more to the organization that just sips and bits.
Bringing People Together Around Wine, Online and Off
Initially founded in San Francisco in 2005, Wine 2.0 expanded its reach this fall with the debut of Wine 2.0 New York, an event that drew hundreds of curious oeno- and technophiles to learn more about producers and technologies pushing the envelope in the wine world. A sampling of event sponsors/participants includes The Wine Pod, the world's first wirelessly operated personal winery; "Internet famous"WineLibraryTV host Gary Vaynerchuck; and the folks behind Snooth, an interactive online wine ratings service. Guests sampled wines made by tech-friendly wineries and learned more about tech-savvy participating companies, which means the event was really an elaborate offline version of the organization's online persona, the Wine 2.0 social networking site. At the site, participants rub shoulders with trendsetting winemakers, executives, entrepreneurs and - naturally - consumers, all in the spirit of celebrating the increasingly prevalent blend between wine and technology.

Bottom line: For those who've got a wine tech itch to scratch, Wine 2.0 is a great resource for tapping into the latest trends driving this interesting conversion.

For those wondering what Wine 3.0 will bring, stay tuned.

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