Dog Friendly Wineries in Napa Valley

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dog.jpgDon't leave your best pal at home this summer. They want to have fun too! Besides, who can resist that hopeful, then sad look they give you everytime you walk out the door...without them. There are a host of wineries in Napa Valley that are more than happy to welcome your dog with open arms.

Napa Vintners provides a list of dog friendly wineries:

Or if you just are dog lover/wine lover, then the following websites may interest you:

Dog Lover Wine Club

Dog Winery Labels

Your Dog Immortalized on a Wine Label!

Dog Gone Wine!

But of there are dog friendly wineries everywhere. Let us know which winery (include wine region) is your favorite place to take your dog!

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I just returned from Paso with my dog, Tulip. She and I have written"Tulip's Tips" about how dog lovers should behave at a winery to make sure it's a great experience for everyone.

You can read it at

We think winery owners and dog lovers will find it helpful!

Thanks for the great articles!

I appreciate these types of lists - although I like dogs, I don't love them allover the grounds of the wineries I visit, or attempting the crotch sniff or any of the things they like to leave behind. We visited the Dog Winery near Healdsburg and all I could smell was wet dog in the place which meant the wine tended to "taste" that way too. So kudos to you folks that can't live one moment without Kujo and have places to visit together, but thank you for these lists for the others that prefer a pet-free, dander-free, poop-free zone.

For sparkling wines, try the Frank Family winery on Larkmead Lane in Napa Valley.

We have gone there several times, and our Border collie Prince is alwasy welcome in the tasting rooms.

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