Toast to Mr. Mondavi

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Robert_Mondavi_1984.jpgBy Robert Farmer
If you enjoy or even appreciate a little, California wines, then Robert Mondovi has impacted your life. It may not be in an obvious way, but the legendary vintner and wine-making pioneer has left his mark so indelibly upon the California wine industry that even a casual fan of wines from the Golden State has been influenced in some way by the man.

So as an industry offers an ongoing toast in honor of the late Mondavi, who passed away recently at the age of 94, I encourage everybody to raise a glass and salute him in their own unique way and honor one of life's true visionaries.
As the outpouring of support and praise continues, industry heavyweights are making their thoughts on the man known. Among them, renowned critic Robert Parker, who wrote publicly that Mondavi "...had the single greatest influence in this country with respect to high quality wine and its place at the table," adding that he was "an exceptional man...a legendary pathfinder ...and I feel so privileged to have known him...a sad day ...but also one to pay homage to his enormous contributions."

If you, too, are compelled enough to express your thoughts publicly, and in writing, the Napa Valley Vintners Association has made it possible by creating an online "toast" to Mondavi at their website ( The Association invites the pubic to share their personal thoughts, memories, and anecdotes related to the life and times of the son of Italian immigrants, who founded his Napa Valley winery in 1966. The site also offers a very nice tribute to Mr. Mondavi, describing his contributions to Wine Country and highlighting his prominent place in it.

Cheers to that!

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