Tips For A Terrific Home Wine Bar

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winestorage.jpgWhether your taste is grounded or grand, a few essentials will ensure your home wine bar is primed for the long haul:

Temperature plays a crucial role in the life of your wines. If you do not plan on cellaring your wine, consider a refrigerated system from Sub-Zero. This will also take care of humidity, which should be moderate.

Though it may be tempting to set up your wine bar near a lovely picture window, think again. Darkness is key for preserving and storing wines. Again, if you're cellaring your wines elsewhere, not a problem. But if you are storing your wines where you're drinking them, go for the shaded spaces.

Consider a spacious racking system so that you needn't disturb other bottles when getting at a particular choice.

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Now where was this article before I ruined several bottles of '97 and '01 Cabs stored in my personal cellar aka "apartment closet"! Yes, I know - quite tragic.

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