Pink Out, Indeed

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roseWine1.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

AC Nielsen news keeps on confounding, now with reports that sales of rosé wine in the US rose an astounding 53.2% during the 52-week period recently surveyed.  These gains - which apply to bottles of rosé priced $8 and up - represent more than 17 times the increase in table wine sales observed during the same period.

The news is timely for the trade group RAP - Rosé Avengers and Producers ( - which will hold its popular PINK OUT! tasting of rosé wines for consumers and trade professionals in San Francisco in May.  It also underscores the undeniable upswell of enthusiasm for so-called non-traditional wines - in this case rosé over more mainstream white and red - in the US.  And although sales of pink wine still represent just a fraction of total domestic wine sales, their impressive growth as a category is without a doubt a bellwether for more adventurous consumer purchasing in years to come.

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