Motown Merlot

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By Courtney Cochran

bottle_merlot.gifWhen former Motown Records CEO Kedar Massenburg launched K'orus Wine ( in late 2007, he did so with a splashy launch party in Beverly Hills attended by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Vivica Fox.  And while not the only wine launched with a celeb-studded fête in recent months , Massenburg's offering differs in a notable way - it's intended for African Americans.
Join the K'orus
Branded as "a fine French wine with an upscale yet approachable American style," K'orus is aimed squarely at what Massenburg claims is an underserved segment of the domestic wine market.  Already on sale in nine states including California, the wine retails for around $13 and is available in Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with additional varieties including Pinot Noir rumored to be released later this year.  And in keeping with the "approachable" vibe of the brand, the wine is being marketed by way of a music video-like short on You Tube featuring a Rolls Royce, a young lass in a bikini and a handsome suitor who woos her with - what else? - a bottle of K'orus Chardonnay.

My only gripe:  Would a guy who rolls in a Rolls Royce really drink $13 wine?

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