Insider Trading

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wildduck-homead.gifBy Courtney Cochran

When it comes to the financial markets, taking tips from insiders can get you into some serious trouble (remember Martha's little foible?) But - fortunately - when it comes to wine, there's nothing illegal about getting the inside track on some good juice.

Insider Advantage

And now with K&L Wine Merchants' ( brand new Insider's Advantage List, wine fanatics with a need to know about the latest and greatest vintages before the rest of the world can do just that.  The new free service - which anyone can sign up for at the retailer's web site - is powered by K&L's team of top-notch wine buyers.  They'll tip you off to hot wines before they hit the press (and become next to impossible to track down), tell you about bargains to be had from small and little-known wineries throughout the world and offer closeout pricing on rare wines pre-screened for quality.

It's a deal so sweet it ought to be illegal.

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