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Wine Country Personality: Lane Morales

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wcPersonalityRoosterRun.jpgLane Morales booked Harry Connick, Jr., at her jazz supper club in Hartford, Connecticut before the Lincoln Center ever did. "That's my personal claim to fame...I got to heat up his prime rib that night," she says.

Now a veteran of the service industry, Morales is booking events for a different scene: the freshly remodeled Rooster Run Event Center in Petaluma. She oversees not only the event center, but anything having to do with food and beverage on the Rooster Run Golf Club property, including the pro shop café, beverage cart and tournament food events on the golf course.

The revamped event center is the culmination of a two-month, $500,000 remodeling project that converted part of the original pro shop into a full bar and café, and transformed the existing restaurant into additional banquet space.

"We've been thinking of doing something like this for two years and it finally came to fruition," Morales says. "We're quite pleased with it. Not only did we have a great designer involved who brought us up to date, but the remodeling increased our space, which enables us to host larger and more frequent events, because we can accommodate several functions at the same time."