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El Pueblo Inn

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elpuebloPostcard.jpgIn 1957, when Ray O. Bradbury settled in Sonoma, the town was a predominantly rural area and visitors were served by one historic hotel on the plaza. Ray, whose background included cattle ranching and owning hotels, set about to change that. In 1959 he opened the El Pueblo Inn, an early California ranch-style hotel, built using authentic adobe construction.

Ray personally went to the inn every morning to start the large coffee pot and set out the doughnuts on an outside counter--the El Pueblo's first complimentary breakfast. It was a point of pride that he served fresh-brewed, quality coffee to his guests at a time when this was cutting-edge service for the traveler. His exuberant personality and genuine nature helped build the reputation of the hotel as the "friendliest place in town." He loved to sing and was always ready to serenade whoever was around whether he knew them or not.


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