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Star Struck Wine

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by M.L. Hilton

(LODI, CA) -- Harvest has been lingering in the Northern California counties. September’s mild temperatures have extended the growing season and have many vintners and vineyardists doing a delicate dance of waiting, fretting, and hoping.

For those of us not intimately involved in the fingernail-biting balance of ripening fruit, extended costs of longer labor, and the vagaries of weather a drive through wine country this time of year, can be intoxicating (in many ways).

This weekend, a girlfriend and I dusted off her truck and bumped along backroads through Lodi to attend the grand opening of Miramont Estate Vineyards tasting room.

Miramont produces Celestial Cabernet Sauvignon Estate and Reserve wines. The heavenly name is a nod toward their unique harvesting which takes place under fall of night, and when available, carpets of stars.

I especially enjoy the 2001, and when you see the price of around $10 a bottle it is hard not to stock up. Actually, if you also enjoy this wine you may want to purchase enough to get you through to your next visit. The winery is a bit out of the way and there are not a number of other wineries close enough to make it a jam-packed Lodi winetasting day. You are, however, welcome to bring your small children to this family-oriented winery.

If you want to save on gas, you can call, or fax and get them to mail your wine order, but at least one visit should be made to this very hospitable tasting room. Miramont Estate Vineyards, 24837 E. Milton Rd., Linden, CA 95236 (209) 887.3860


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