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client_SilveradoResort.gifNAPA VALLEY, CA -  Napa Valley is a vacation destination with abundant resources - incredible wineries, memorable cuisine, unusual cultural attractions, innovative spas and distinctive resorts. While the Valley has long drawn visitors from around the world, there is a persistent perception that the destination is always expensive. Not so, says the staff at Silverado Resort, an elegant resort that has been accommodating guests since 1968.

Traveling on a Budget? No Problem!

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couple.jpgSummer is almost over?! Yet, there you sit in your cube or office dreaming about a vacation you have yet to take. Understandably, ridiculously high gas prices and a weak economy have probably made you hold your wallet a bit tighter. What's more, dreams won't cost you any money. True, but going insane and becoming the next Office Space Milton with a Swingline stapler is not advisable either!

So get your head out of the clouds, and plan a short weekend getaway at least. Take heart, the hospitality industry is not oblivious to your "on a budget" plight. And what better way to rest and relax then in the beautiful lush surroundings of wine country. To help you out, regularly posts great deals from Hotels, B&Bs, Wineries, Spas and Attractions that will help you plan an affordable wine country trip to your region of choice.

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Share with us how you save money when you travel to Wine Country...

Pet-Friendly Lodging in Wine Country

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dog2.jpgIf you are dog lover, then you surely know a dog who loves a travel adventure.  Those of us sightseeing with our canine and other friends from the animal kingdom used to do so as second class citizens...not any more!  Today, nearly two-thirds of California accommodations are dog-friendly or pet-friendly, so you and your friend don't have to accept the run of the mill.  Many spectacular accommodations throughout Wine Country are ready to welcome you, often with special services and treats for your four-legged friend.

While there are typically nominal fees for the four extra legs, they are usually comparable to biped rates.  As with humans, these accommodations welcome only "well-behaved" animals, and many require leashes. 

So next time, grab the leash and go!  Here are some suggestions for special places to enjoy wherever you and your pet may wander in California's Wine Country. Please share your pet in wine country story with us. Either post below or send story and pictures to

Ruff Hotels

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anaimal_hotel.jpgDog Daycare + Hotel
For all those that do not have a dog as a pet, you might be wondering what is all the fuss about with these increasingly pampered pooches. Because although every dog owner will probably tell you their dog is oh so cute, we all know the reality -  fair amount of dogs out there just look plain ugly.

Well apparently it's not enough to carry them around and dress them up like dolls, feed them premium grade food, or talk to them in a completely different language. Now they too must have a place to stay when traveling and in wine country no less. No, I'm not referring to lodging places that welcome pets and boast they are "pet friendly or dog friendly".

Recently, Ruff - a dog daycare and hotel opened in Napa. According to their brochure, Ruff is "a boutique hotel catered just for the most important thing in your life - your dog." While they claim to aceept all types of dogs, it clearly says "all dogs require a temperament interview".  So now dogs have interviews. Next they'll be hired for jobs!

Dog Friendly Wineries in Napa Valley

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dog.jpgDon't leave your best pal at home this summer. They want to have fun too! Besides, who can resist that hopeful, then sad look they give you every time you walk out the door...without them. There are a host of wineries in Napa Valley that are more than happy to welcome your dog with open arms.

Napa Vintners provides a list of dog friendly wineries:

Or if you just are dog lover/wine lover, then the following websites may interest you:

Dog Lover Wine Club

Dog Winery Labels

Your Dog Immortalized on a Wine Label!

Dog Gone Wine!