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Livermore: More to Love

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RollingGrapeVines.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

To many drivers traversing the gusty Altamont Pass east of San Francisco Bay, Livermore Valley is little more than the vast open space they drive though before reaching the sea of windmills atop Altamont, one of the world's most important - and hard to miss - wind energy generation sites.

But folks familiar with California wine lore know that Livermore's undulating grasslands harbor not only some of the state's oldest documented grape vines but also a vibrant vinous past that dates to the mid Eighteenth Century. Savvy wine tourists also know that the valley affords a low-key alternative to the state's more popular wine regions, a place where limousines are scarce, but increasingly good wine and hospitality are anything but.

An Arts Experience in Livermore

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Aquila2_150x150.jpgBy Jessica Beck

Livermore is encompassed by some of the richest cultural arts in the area. The true blend of art and culture is seen through the area's finest performing arts organizations and an enriched way of life through cultural and educational organizations. The city is home to an opera, symphony orchestra, chamber music series, chorus, Ballet Company, Shakespeare Festival, Community Theater and a host of visual artists. Livermore truly thrives on the arts and experiences that come with it.

Tri-Valley, CA - A Unique Destination

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livermore_Vineyard.jpgSubmitted by Tri-Valley CVB

The Tri-Valley, California region is a triangle-shaped area situated on the east side of San Francisco Bay about 18 miles southeast of Oakland and 33 miles from San Francisco. The Tri-Valley is comprised of three adjacent valleys - Amador, Livermore, and San Ramon - and is comprised of five communities that are members of the Tri-Valley CVB:  Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville. The Tri-Valley California area spans two California counties:  Alameda and Contra Costa.

Tee Time in Livermore/Tri-Valley Wine Country

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livermore_Golf_Wente.jpgSubmitted by Tri-Valley CVB

Less than an hour's drive from San Francisco, set amidst picturesque rolling hills, the championship courses of Tri-Valley offer players a memorable location for a golf holiday. Whether you are a beginner, a student of golf, or just looking to improve your game, Tri-Valley's ten public courses offer spectacular views, challenging terrain and unfailing hospitality.

TGI Charbay

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CharbayVodkaFamily.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Ah, Napa. If you look hard enough, you can find just about everything you want in this serene stretch of Northern California countryside. Including spirits.

That's right - in the heart of Napa Valley you'll find Charbay distillery and its associate stable of spirits, liqueurs and wines - a novel fact given that more than 300 wineries dot the landscape around Napa, yet Charbay is the only distillery to call the valley home.