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Wither Wine Country Weddings?

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By Courtney Cochran

The first part of the story is familiar:  Boy meets girl, boy buys ring, boy pops the question. Fanfare and general bliss come next, followed quickly by the other big question - where should we get hitched?

And while this new question can give rise to a dizzying set of considerations for any couple, those inclined to a wine country wedding are faced with their own unique set of sometimes overwhelming options. Will any wine region do, or is there a special area we're set on? Will our guests be up for a destination wedding, and - if so - is there adequate lodging nearby to house everyone? And, of course, How much does a wine country wedding cost? Will it amount to more or less than getting hitched somewhere else?

We here at want to know how couples sort through these sorts of questions en route to planning their own unforgettable wine country weddings. If you have an experience, resource or tip you'd like to share, please post it here as a comment.

Not only will your feedback help visitors to the site - many of whom visit us for guidance in wine country wedding planning - it will also give us valuable insights into how we can improve our own wedding planning content. Cheers to that.