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Yakima Valley Shopping

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shopping.jpgBy Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau

Enjoy a warm welcome at our distinctive shops and spas.

You've tasted the wine, sampled the fresh fruits and vegetables, and photographed the quirky attractions. So what's left to do in the Yakima Valley? Why, shop, of course! It may be best known for its wineries and produce stands, but the Valley's hidden gems are its distinctive shops and friendly merchants.

Start with the Visitor Information Center on Fair Avenue at the edge of downtown Yakima, which offers more than just maps and tips for traveling the Valley. The gift shop represents a who's who of local products, from Yakima Valley wines to chocolate-covered cherries, plus handcrafted jewelry and accessories from around the world.

Activities In St. Helena

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A 1337 shop in St. Helena

Image by ohkaterina via Flickr

There's More To Do Than Just Drink

By Deirdre Bourdet

ST. HELENA, CA - Whether you're a tippler, a toddler, or a teetotaler, everyone needs to do things other than drink wine on a trip to wine country. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-alcoholic activities to entertain you in just about every sub-region of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. This series of articles will point you to some of the less obvious ways to have fun in the land of wine.
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