Birding: June 2013 Archives

americanCanyonWetlands.jpgThere's more to American Canyon then meets the eye. American Canyon, often dubbed the "gateway to Napa Valley" is host to beautiful Bay Area and Napa County landscapes along the Napa River Bay Trail home to several wetlands, former salt ponds, and a wide range of bird species including raptors, pelicans, sandpipers, and ducks. If you are a hiker, birder, or just enjoy nature, then a visit to the Napa River and Bay Trail in American Canyon is a treat.

The flat 1.4 mile trail begins near Clarke's Ranch and the eucalyptus grove, and is a wonderfully scenic place to explore either by yourself or with friends or family. In addition, the Napa-Solano Audubon Society hosts field trips or bird walks every Friday and some Saturdays which are open to newcomers and bird watchers of all levels. Find new birding locales and of course, learn more about birds. See map and more photos below.