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Get Thee to Sonoma This Weekend!

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tasteofsonoma.pngBy Courtney Cochran

Hamlet - the Danish prince at the center of the eponymous Shakespearean tragedy - had some fairly significant problems on the brain when he coined the now-famous phrase, "get thee to a nunnery" in a particularly dramatic scene in the acclaimed play.  Happily, those considering heading to Sonoma this Labor Day weekend have much less troublesome reasons to get themselves thither - three food- and wine-filled days' worth of reasons, to be specific.

And Now, From Mat to Canvas

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paintingwkshp.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

When new Napa standout Ubuntu broke onto the scene last year with its highly acclaimed yoga studio/organic restaurant concept, it seemed things couldn't get much better for R&R seekers in wine country. Until now, that is. In a welcome move, Ubuntu just announced a new series of yoga and painting workshops that rightly take relaxation to a whole new level.