Napa Valley Film Festival - Must See Films!

Last year, at the Napa Valley Film Festival, Somm was the runaway hit that had all attendees abuzz with excitement and rave reviews. Lines were around the corner at every screening and #NVFF even added, last minute, additional times to the schedule to accommodate the huge demand. Any guesses on which film will be the darling of this year's Napa Film Fest? See what we have our eye on. First up is . . .

The Narrative Features Category

Looks quirky, fun, and just the right amount of sap to make this of one our favs going in!

Film Description: The Little Tin Man is the story of a quest for the role of a lifetime: the Tin Man in Martin Scorsese's (fictional) remake of The Wizard of Oz. It's also an intelligent and humorous exploration of a struggling actor's big dreams and staunch refusal to accept the status quo. Tired of accepting typecast roles based on his small size and unfulfilled working in his brother's restaurant, Herman is ready for something different. When he's asked to audition for the Mayor of Munchkinland, he takes the opportunity to aim just a little bit higher. .  .
  • WED, 13 Nov | 5:30pm | Gliderport | Calistoga
  • FRI, 15 Nov | 1:00pm | Cadillac Theater | Napa 
  • SAT, 16 Nov | 10:00am | Farmstead | St. Helena
  • SUN, 17 Nov | 8:30pm | YCC Theater | Yountville
nvff-red-obsession-film.jpgRED OBSESSION (79 min)
Obsessed with wine much? Whowouldathunk...

Film Description: For centuries, the French region of Bordeaux has commanded a mythical status inthe world of wine. It stands as a symbol of wealth, power, and influence. However, its prosperity has always been linked to the capricious nature of markets and the shifting fortunes of global economies. China's new super wealthy have pushed prices to stratospheric levels. Despite unprecedented demand for a finite product, Bordeaux's new clients want it all. Will the Chinese market be the bubble that never bursts or the biggest threat yet to Bordeaux's reputation? Beautifully filmed, narrated by Russell Crowe, and featuring numerous luminaries from the wine world, this film by co-directors David Roach and Warwick Ross is a love letter to French wine and those who cannot live without it. 

  • TUE, 12 Nov | 6:00 pm YCC THEATER | Yountville 
  • THUR, 14 Nov | 8:30 pm GLIDERPORT | Calistoga 
  • SAT, 16 Nov | 5:30 pm OPERA HOUSE | Napa 
HANK and ASHA (73 min)
Modern day "You've Got Mail". Video messages & Skype rule the Internet space now...

Film Description: Hank and Asha is a modern love story between an Indian student in 
Prague and a lonely New York filmmaker, as the two take up a lively correspondence through video letters following a screening of his film. As their connection builds, the hurdles represented by the distance between them, along with other factors including family pressures and professional obligations, begin to mount. Can these two strangers searching for human connection in a hyper-connected world surmount the challenges???

  • THUR, 14 Nov | 5:30 pm FARMSTEAD | St. Helena 
  • FRI, 15 Nov | 5:30 pm JARVIS | Napa 
  • SAT, 16 Nov | 8:30 pm BARREL ROOM | Yountville 
  • SUN, 17 Nov | 8:30 pm GLIDERPORT | Calistoga
PUTZEL (88 min)
The title alone is enough to inspire barrels of laughs...

nvff-putzel.jpgFilm Description: For some people, life is an adventure filled with opportunities to excel and worlds to explore. But for Walter Himmelstein, a young man endearingly known as Putzel, life doesn't extend beyond his family's fish store and his tight-knit community on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Walter's dream of taking over his uncle's smoked fish emporium is disrupted by the arrival of Sally, a force of nature who becomes romantically involved with his about-to-retire and very-married boss and uncle. As Walter tries to thwart their romance in order to ensure his future, he finds his circumscribed life thrown off kilter. After years of being undermined by his family and friends, he finally begins to realize his full potential. With Sally's help, Walter confronts his fears and proves he is more than just a Putzel.

  • WED, 13 Nov | 5:30 pm JARVIS | Napa
  • FRI, 15 Nov | 10:00 am GLIDERPORT | Calistoga
  • SAT, 16 Nov | 1:00 pm BARREL ROOM | Yountville
  • SUN, 17 Nov | 10:00 am FARMSTEAD | St. Helena


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