Napa Valley Film Festival - Comedy Track

The Napa Valley Film Festival (Nov. 13-17) is featuring films that span a wide array of genres, and if you're looking for some laughs, then make sure these films are on your film viewing itinerary for the 5-day film, food, and wine extravaganza.

nvff-comedy-track-itinerary-1.jpgThe Bounceback (90 minutes)
(2012) - If - as many people say - breaking up is hard to do, then getting back together can be even harder. Lonely and verging on desperate, Stan learns that his ex-girlfriend Cathy will be home in Austin for the weekend. The Bounceback takes us cavorting through Austin's honkytonks, night- clubs, and even to a cutthroat "air-sex" competition, as the two former couples attempt bouncing back from heartache.

Dear Sidewalk (89 minutes)

(2013) - Dear Sidewalk is the story of Gardner, a young mail carrier struggling to define his identity in the midst of a full-scale quarter-life crisis. Gardner's regimented routine is thrown out the window when he meets Paige, an attractive divorcee enduring a mid-life crisis of her own.


nvff-comedy-track-films-2.jpgOne Small Hitch (105 min)
(2013) Josh and Mary, two childhood friends, pretend to be dating in an attempt to make their family's happy. Will they start to fall in love for real before their make-believe charade of a romance is exposed?

Putzel (88 min)
(2013) For some people, life is an adventure filled with opportunities to excel and worlds to explore. But for Walter Himmelstein, aka Putzel, life doesn't extend beyond his family's fish store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Until he meets Sally, confronts his fears, and proves he is more than just a Putzel.


nvff-comedy-track-film-4.jpgOld Stock (85min)
(2013) -Stock Burton has spent two years hiding out in his grandfather's retirement residence. An old soul beloved by all the residents, Stock is hiding from the rest of the world - and his life - and is in no hurry to go back.

One Chance (104 min)
The remarkable and inspirational true story of Paul Potts, a shy, bullied shop assistant by day and an amateur opera singer by night. Paul became an instant YouTube phenomenon after being chosen by Simon Cowell for Britain's Got Talent.

Comedic Shorts
We've already gotten a sneak peek at "Teenage Wine Snobs" and it was HILARIOUS!

Teenage Wine Snobs (5 min)
(2013) - A group of unlikely wine aficionados discuss and feud over their favorite varietals with bottles they have recently lifted from the parental cellar.

The Possibilities (5 min)
(2013) - A happy-go-lucky couple goes on a journey to find the perfect brunch and finds a world of options--too many options.

PDA (8 min)
(2013) - An urban gay couple is comically disputing their very different views on holding hands in public, which leads to a much bigger exploration of their relationship.

Blessing in Disguise (10 min)
(2013) - Katie likes to have a good time. But a phone call results in the delivery of some really bad news. Enter the man of her dreams. Or is he?

The Listing Agent (13 min)
(2013) - A desperate, down-on-his- luck real estate agent must carry out his client's unorthodox demands before closing on a big sale.

Radio Gamers (14 min)
(2013) - Lee and Viv mourn the death of Max, their unfamiliar coworker, by hiding out in his cubicle. They quickly discover his love for music trivia, which gives them a new outlook on his life.