Recharge and Take a Hike!

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napaLandTrust_websiteImage1.jpgDiscover the beauty of Napa Valley up close and personal when you hike through a variety of nature's corridors through field trips sponsored by the The Land Trust of Napa County. Enjoy a hike, educational walk or even a kayaking experience. But space is limited, so check the calendar and sign up early!


Saturday, March 10th at 9am - Foote Botanical Preserve Workday
Get together with other volunteers on Mount George for half a day having fun trimming the hiking trails, viewing wildflowers and taking pictures. Bring work gloves, small hand saws and loppers if you have them.

Sunday, March 18th at 9am - Audubon-Cheyney Adventure
Don't be fooled - this hike is not for the faint at heart! The first part of this hike has rough fire roads, a narrow trail and a stream crossing, but we'll see amazing views of northern Napa Valley and the Bell Canyon Reservoir. Bring your hearty lunch as we stop and explore the 20th century homestead near Bell Creek. The adventure begins after lunch as we begin hiking up the creek - be prepared for rock-hopping, boulder-scrambling, debris-crossing, and vegetation-brushing paths en route to the magnificent Devil's Punchbowl, a unique waterfall and grotto in Napa County.
napaLandTrust_websiteImage2.jpgSaturday, March 24th at 9am -
Wildlake Loop

Come hike this spectacular loop trail at Wildlake Ranch. Follow the trail with us down to Bell Canyon Creek and then up Rattlesnake Ridge to memorable vistas of the Napa Valley. Return through the Wildlake hunting camp back to the starting point at Poppy Flats.

Sunday, March 24th at 9am - Archer Taylor Preserve
Join us for a Sunday outing at the Archer Taylor Preserve as we hike the loop trail to see Devils' Well, a fantastic multi-tiered waterfall. It's a short, steep climb so bring hiking boots, water, and lunch or snacks. Don't forget your camera!

Saturday, March 31st at 9am - Grateful Dead Peak
This hike takes place in Lake County in a beautiful location few people ever visit. The loop begins at the McLaughlin Reserve where we hike down the slopes overlooking Hole Creek, and across to the rock outcrop we affectionately call Grateful Dead. After appreciating the views from the top of Grateful Dead, we'll loop back to the start.

To sign up for these hikes and more information on details, what to bring, etc. please CLICK HERE to visit the field trip registration page and Spring/Summer calendar for the year.

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