Wine Country Personality: Pierre Ehret

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flamingoResort_susan_n_pierre_ehret.jpgWhen asked where he calls home, Pierre Ehret proudly lists two - his main residence in  Tegernsee, Germany and the Sonoma and Napa Wine Country. His life to date has been spent  on both soils. In 1980, he moved from Berlin to Santa Rosa to attend the junior college. He graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Economics, and moved to Fontainebleau, France  to attend INSEAD to earn his MBA.

 After working in the" big apple "after his graduate studies he returned in 1989
to Santa Rosa to run the family owned Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa, a historical landmark building that combines a retro resort architectural style with all the most modern amenities expected at a top class resort.
"I am fortunate to be able to raise my family, work and spend time in two of the most beautiful places in the world, Bavaria Germany and the Northern California Wine Country," Ehret said. "It's also a privilege to bring the wonderful characteristics of both places to my wine and hospitality businesses. The traditional Old World charm, organization and value blended with California's casualness, glamour and diversity. Plus the quality and creativity both cultures share in their distinctive ways."
flamingoResort_ehretWine.jpgHis experiences have given him a unique appreciation and understanding of fine wines, both domestic and European. That appreciation led to establishing the Bavarian Lion Vineyard in Knights Valley, which has sold its grapes to such notables as Beringer Winery, Adobe Road Winery, and Cakebread. Receiving orders from such respected vintners convinced Pierre to create the Ehret Family Winery.

"Family and value are two of the cornerstones of the winery and the resort," Ehret says. "I am honored that the resort is known as being Sonoma County's best value and has received accolades as the best place for families in the area."   

 Ehret Family Winery is more than just Pierre and wife Susan - the winery exists for the next generation, their children Alex, Christian and Isabelle. The Ehret Family is dedicated to creating wines of quality and distinction. Pierre and Susan are proud of the wine that bears their family name and are involved in every phase from nurturing the grapes in the right appellation and climate to aging, label design and pricing.

The winery handcrafts small lots of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, and a red Meritage blend from the winery's estate Bavarian Lion Vineyard, located in the esteemed Knight's Valley, in Sonoma County. All the wines retail for between $16 and $40 per bottle - a value not often given to artisan wines of this quality. The artisans who create these outstanding wines are Nick Goldschmidt of Goldschmidt Vineyards, Forefathers Wines, and the Constellation Brands' Vintas BWE portfolio and Mike Duffy of Optima Winery where all the Ehret wines are crushed and the juice is stored until bottling.

Believing that life should be well-rounded, Pierre's hobbies include: Snowboard, cross country skiing, tennis, vélo, cycling and is an avid racecar driver. He has competed six times at the 24H Le Mans. Aficionados praise the great results he has achieved in racing over the years.

"I love the track; the Porsche  and Dunlop curves are very special combined with the public roads that are being combined for this race with the racetrack. The atmosphere at Le Mans makes you feel great as all of the drivers are celebrated as if they are kings!" Pierre said.

flamingoResort_property.jpgOne of many great reasons to stay at the Flamingo is their unrivaled collection of Charles M. Schulz Peanuts character statues - eight in all live at the resort.  The spectacular vineyard location in Knights Valley can be made available for highend functions. More information about Ehret Family Winery is available at or by call (707) 480-4112 . Information for the Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa is at and (707) 545-8530.

Ehret Family Vineyards
Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa
2777 Fourth Street,
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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Hi Pierre and Susan,
has read the article which remains me always at the great time spending at the Flamingo Resort and´having some of your worldclass red wine.
Greetings from Munich, take care and say Hi to Bella, Alex and Chris.

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