What Should a Newbie Do in Sonoma?

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redwine.jpgDo you consider yourself a "newbie" when it comes to wine and it's your first visit to Sonoma Wine Country? Then you're reading the right article! WineCountry.com has several resources that will help you start planning your visit:

Speaking of our message boards, see what some of our most knowledgeable members recently said when asked the following about where to go for wine tasting in Sonoma County:

"I am planning a surprise 40th birthday trip for my husband in September. I am staying in Healdsburg. We will be there for 4 days and are not well versed in wines. Can someone suggest some ""must" experiences for us to do. What would be the best wineries for people like us?" - Wascallywabbit (3/24/11)

"You don't need to be 'well versed' in wines to enjoy wine country, that is the first thing you need to know. Everyone has to start somewhere and lucky for you the folks in Sonoma County are really good at respecting the beginner...at least that has been our experience. . . As far as wineries to visit, my first inclination is to say to take the tour at Korbel. First, it "goes" with such a monumental birthday event ( sparkling wines), and what I have seen about the tour and the facility leads me to think that it would be a great introduction for you."

Partial Snippet from yesilovewine (3/24/11)

"Another tasting option you might enjoy would be one of the tasting room cooperatives like "Locals". Again, its a good chance to try a variety of wines from multiple wineries in a single location. There are the "Family Wineries" enclaves- one is in Dry Creek and I believe the other is in/near Glen Ellen- and there is "The Cellar Door" and Enotecea (SP?) in the town of Sonoma right at the square near the theater. . . .

Many of the wineries have picnic areas, or patios where you are welcome to bring lunch and enjoy the view. It is a courtesy to buy a bottle of their wine to enjoy with your meal, and they are usually happy to provide glasses and an opener. Some of our favorite places to go for that would be Passalaqua, Wilson, Dutcher Crossing, DeLoach or Stryker. I understand that Bella, Sbragia and Armida are also good picnic locations. If you think you would like to go to a non-winery place to picnic, then Armstrong Preserve, Jack London park or the coast are all good choices

Partial Snippet from yesilovewine (3/24/11)

"How exciting, your first trip to wine country. I will bet you leave being hooked. Yesilovewine is well versed in the Sonoma County area so she gives you some good advice. I would suggest that you take one or maybe two winery tours but after that, they all get to be pretty much the same. Some of my favorite wineries in the Healdsburg area are Williamson, just off the square in Healdsburg, Wilson who has many award winning Zinfandels at decent price points, at Mauritson ask if they still do the flight of Rockpile Zins, and Passalaqua, on Dry Creek Road. There are many others along this road that you might want to try. Wilson has a picnic area that overlooks the vineyards that is very nice."

Partial Snippet from Hawkeye (3/26/11)

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