From the Bachelor Pad to The Young & The Thirsty

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youngthirsty_coverpress.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

I'm pretty sure it's intentional that the title of the just-released book by Monterey vintner brothers Jesse and Jacob Kovacs sounds like a soap opera.  Fitting especially given that one of the brothers is fresh off of a stint on the salaciously diverting ABC reality program, The Bachelor Pad.  One of the final six competitors on the singles-only show, Jesse Kovacs has grabbed the spotlight (on average, 6 million viewers tuned into hit Bachelor Pad weekly) and is running with it across the US and Canada to promote The Young & The Thirsty.
Drink Up, Millennials
Dubbed "mold-breaking" by the Kovacs, the book (official title: The Young & The Thirsty: 25 California Wines For New School Drinkers) is targeted squarely at new gen sipppers who ostensibly appreciate its "hilarious, daring and relatable" voice.  Having not seen it myself, I can only speculate that book sales will be driven mostly by the charisma of the dashing reality TV alum himself, who is poised to appear in spots as varied as Waterloo, Milwaukee, Vegas and West Palm Beach (in other words, all over the place) in the coming weeks.  Tour info and dates can be found here, along with info on the brothers, their winery in the Santa Lucia Highlands and, of course, The Bachelor Pad.

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