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Gary and Jennifer Buffo of Pure Luxury Wine Tours

wcPersonalityPureLuxury.jpgGary Buffo founded Pure Luxury Transportation in 1991 with the idea that the customer always comes first and the company should be "Committed to Perfection." Gary realized, after renting a limousine for a night out, that not every company operates with the customer in mind. Everything about his rental experience was negative. The limousine showed up an hour in a half late, and it was filthy inside and out and stocked with nothing. At the end of the evening the driver had the audacity to put his hand out and request a tip. Several calls to the company after the incident resulted in a simple, "Oh well, what do you want us to do?" Gary's only thought at this point was "I could do this better," and Pure Luxury was formed.

Gary met his wife, Jennifer Buffo, in 1992. In the beginning of their relationship, Gary shared his business vision, goals, and passion for superior service with Jennifer. Since then, they have worked together to implement these business practices. Jennifer believes that Pure Luxury sets itself apart from other wine tour companies by focusing on what the client wants. Whether the tour is personalized or pre-set, private or with a group, visiting the larger wineries or the boutique wineries, there are many variables to consider. Pure Luxury takes the clients' interests into consideration and then provides them with an unforgettable day in wine country. All of their chauffeurs go through an extensive wine country training program: they truly know wine country inside and out. Pure Luxury chauffeurs are models of professionalism in the industry, and provide the clients with safe transportation, as well as act as a personal concierge during the trip.

Jennifer believes that there is no target audience for their services. Whether it's a wine country tour, a business trip to the airport, a night out with family, or a ball game with a group of friends, Pure Luxury will make that experience even better, no matter what it is. Pure Luxury is truly a full service transportation company providing superior service in so many ways.

wcPersonalityPureLuxury2.jpgAs a married couple operating a business together, Gary and Jennifer work together to find the perfect balance for their business and for their family. Gary creates Pure Luxury's visions and goals and Jennifer works with the management team to execute them into reality. Because California wine country is continuously growing, expanding, and changing, Pure Luxury must be able to change its vision and goals in order to achieve the perfection their clients want and deserve. As a couple, Gary and Jennifer know each other's strengths and they push each other to use those strengths to their full potential. Gary and Jennifer believe that by continuing their valued and dedicated partnerships throughout the wine country regions, along with their positive employee morale and unparalleled customer service, Pure Luxury will continue to grow steadily and always be the leader in the Wine Tour and Transportation industry for many years to come.

Gary and Jennifer's family time involves transportation, too. Their two children are very busy with sports and after-school activities. Fortunately for the kids, their parents are transportation professionals. Even with their busy schedules, Gary and Jennifer find time to enjoy the beauty of wine country that is right in their own backyard.

Explore the Russian River and Dry Creek area known for its Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel production with wine tasting stops at Porter Creek, Alderbrook Vineyards & Winery, and Armida Winery. Wine Tours are only $85 per person! CLICK HERE for more details...

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We used Pure Luxury when we visited the Sonoma Wine Country, thanks to a recommendation from the Fairmont - Sonoma Mission Inn. From our first impression, we knew we were going to have a fun day. Our driver was phenomenal, extremely well trained, knowledgeable, and made sure we had an extremely fun experience. A wine tour with Pure Luxury is a must, when visiting Sonoma.

We LOVE Pure Luxury. We use them every year when we come to Napa Valley for the Wine Auction. There service is the best and they care about their customers.

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