Sonoma Weddings: Viansa Winery & Vineyards

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by Courtney Cochran

Anyone who's seen the sun slip coolly beneath the horizon while its last remaining rays bathe nearby Sonoma Mountain in their quicksilver glow knows first-hand the beauty of Sonoma Valley. Situated just north of the historic town of the same name, the valley beckons would-be wedding parties with its moderate climate, verdant pastures and vineyards, olive and oak groves and decidedly dialed-back pace of life. With its winning location, easy access, amenities and ambiance, could this pastoral paradise be wine country's newest wedding wunderkind?

weddings.jpgSonoma Weddings Spotlight:

Viansa Winery & Vineyards:
Enabling Innovation In "I Do"

Couples who book Viansa Winery & Vineyards for their nuptials snag much more than just a spectacular site on a hill overlooking Sonoma Valley: they also gain access to extensive, all-inclusive planning assistance and the perks of getting hitched on a full-service property.

These details are happily matched by a myriad of lovely festivity sites set against the backdrop of a stunning Tuscan-style villa at Viansa. Awash in Mediterranean ambiance, the winery - founded, natch, by folks of Italian heritage - brings together the best in Sonoma-style hospitality with phenomenal flexibility. Indeed, Special Event Coordinator Laura Johnson Fraize seems equally excited about the winery's extensive nuptials experience (they host some 75-100 a year), and the innovative ways couples have made the site their own over the years.
"Lately we've seen a big surge in 'action-sations' at our receptions - things to do after a wedding besides dancing," she notes.  Such innovations might include s'mores stations outside at fire pits, outdoor dance floors surrounded by sleek lounge seating, photo booths, Port and cigar stations, and even the addition of taco trucks and pizza stations for late-night snacking.  "It's really a great spot to get guests outside the 'traditional reception,'" she enthuses, clearly thrilled about the possibilities for couples who think outside the box when it comes to their weddings. 

At the end of the day, though, the spirit of weddings at the elegant property retains at its core a good old-fashioned sense of Wine Country elegance - which is timeless, no matter how many taco trucks dot the after-party.

Watch Video of recent wedding at Viansa:

White/Jones Ours from Thomas Hughes Films on Vimeo.

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What a gorgeous location. We considered Viansa for our wedding! The video of this wedding is beautiful!

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