Driving Range - Three Wine Country Road Trips

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By Sarah Sung

The slightly more adventurous first cousin to the staycation, the road trip lets you unwind while enjoying the best of travel: exploring unknown territory. What better destination than Wine Country, where you can go from wineries to restaurants to hotels--with the freedom to pull off for a hike, bike ride, picnic, or to sit still and simply take in the scenery?

Drive One: Napa
Taking the high road through Napa.

Just an hour from San Francisco is the di Rosa, where art and nature come together. Make a reservation to tour the collection. It consists of 2,000 works of art--showcasing about half that number at any given moment--and is among the largest collections of Bay Area artists in the world. The first hint that you're coming up on the 217-acre preserve will be the sheep metal sculptures on the hillside. Once a private residence, this preserve is now a nonprofit public trust, with a collection so prominent that you'll see pieces from it at the Whitney and Getty museums.
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Drive Two: Dry Creek
Biking, picnics, and p├ętanque in Dry Creek.

Healdsburg, northern Sonoma's unofficial capital, is where three of the county's main wine-producing regions--the Dry Creek, Russian River, and Alexander valleys--converge. And, as if you couldn't get more centralized, Hotel Healdsburg puts you right on the plaza, which marketing director Circe Sher points out boasts "urban walkability, with unique shops and restaurants, as well as the rich agricultural region, with wonderful wine and food producers encircling it."
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Drive Three: Anderson Valley
Pinot Noir and farmers markets.

About a hundred miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can find skyscraper-tall redwoods, rugged hiking trails, the crushing waves of the Pacific, and some of the best Pinots in the state.
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This seems like a beautiful way to spend part of your vacation or just a weekend getaway. I know the concept is not new and I personally would like to see more of those places here in Florida.

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