Napa Valley Artist Profile - Sherrell Harper

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Sherrell Harper is a Napa Valley watercolor and acrylic artist known for intense color and strong highlights and specializes in still life featuring wine glasses, pairings, and food, exhibiting the essence of Napa.  Her passion for art started late in life after a career in technology and Napa has supported her adventure. She is deeply involved in the arts community and appreciates the gift of living and working in the Valley.
Harper loved art as a child and thought she might be a fashion designer, but "real life" and earning a living got in the way.  "It was not until I "retired" that I decided to take a stab at being an artist," she says, "and discovered quickly that I had waited way too long before learning I could really DO it."  Harper enjoys the control in the technique of layering watercolor, and loves the strength of color an artist can achieve.  She attributes artist instructor Eric Christensen with showing her how one can love detail, and still be an artist.  "He also taught me how to capture highlights and reflections which is my favorite part of my work."

nvOpenStudiosSherrellHarper1.jpgHarper loves the camaraderie and sharing in the Napa Valley arts community.  Harper is passionate about "helping each other, learning from one another, and supporting arts education for our schools and our adults."  As a veteran participant in Arts Council Napa Valley's Open Studios program, she says that what she enjoys most about the program is "the fear of opening up your soul for the world to see - the joy when someone really likes it!"
Harper looks forward to getting more serious about her art business and marketing her work, and focusing her business skills on becoming a professional artist. 

CLICK HERE to view Harper's work online on the Open Studios website.

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