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Napa Valley Open Studios

nvOpenStudiosKarenWinograde.jpgKaren Winograde is a longtime Napa Valley artist whose beautiful pottery is functional for the home and garden.  Her love of the land of Napa Valley extends to more than just the landscape.  "I love earth, dirt, getting dirty, love making things... and my love for it grows and grows and never gets old." 

Winograde first fell in love with pottery in the 60's when she watched clay being made, wedged, formed into pots and fired in a dung fired beehive kiln in Mexico.  "I said... I want to do that!"
The pieces Winograde makes are mostly formed on the pottery wheel. She uses very little glaze or slip as she relies on the method of salt glazing, wherein the final glazing is part of the firing process.  "I strive to bring to the items used in everyday life a connection between the artistic and functional," she says.  "My hands to your hands." Salt glazing completes this expression of her process, covering the pots with a thin durable glaze, allowing form to be the emphasis, revealing rather than covering the natural texture and body of the clay.

nvOpenStudiosKarenWinograde1.jpgWinograde is delighted to be a part of the Napa Valley arts community.  She loves "the beautiful environment, the community, the group efforts from college to studio work," she says.  "The arts community is so strong, and I enjoy the opportunity to live and work in very natural surroundings." Winograde, a veteran Open Studios participant, is the Cover Artist for the 2009 Artist Catalog.  "What I enjoy most about Open Studios is meeting interested people, cleaning my studio and pots and setting up the hospitality, then receiving the visitors and getting to look at my work through their eyes.  I like the opportunity to explain and educate interested people about what I do."

What's next for this talented artist?  "The next best pot... my new adventure into wood firing, growing and always learning. I want to experiment more with sculptural pieces constructed from thrown elements, making critters and abstract human forms." 

To learn more about Winograde and to plan a visit to her during Napa Valley Open Studios September 19,20 and 26,27, 2009.

CLICK HERE to view some of her work online.

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