Wine Country Personality: Lynn Crescione

solarlynn.jpg"At Creekside Inn and Resort we are not recent to stewardship of the beautiful environment that surrounds us in the Russian River Valley, and we reward our guests with discounts for thinking green as well."

As the owner and innkeeper of Creekside Inn and Resort, Lynn Crescione has been responsible for infusing the popular resort with her personal style for more than 25 years. That means, never settling for the status quo, never doing less than her personal best for her guests and always taking into consideration sustaining and promoting the beautiful Russian River that has been her home since coming to the area.

"We are not recent to stewardship of the beautiful environment that surrounds us in California's Russian River Valley, for us it is a way of life. When we first came to the inn, surrounded by towering redwoods on the banks of Pocket Canyon Creek and within sight and sound of the Russian River, we were instantly committed to leaving as little of a footprint on the native beauty of the land as possible," Crescione said. 
bikesolar.jpgShe put that commitment into practice in every possible way with the recent completion of a four-year project to renovate the inn and build 14 new eco-friendly cottages.  Rewarding guests for green travel is part of the resort's philosophy as well. Anyone who arrives at Creekside by bike, foot or public transit received 10 percent off their entire stay.

Every year Crescione is looking at ways that the inn operations can preserve and protect natural resources.  "Woven into everything we do from solar energy to natural cleaning products, from water conservation to native plants in the landscaping, we are making sure that the treasures of the Russian River Valley are available for generations to come," Crescione said. "Our respect for our natural surroundings has evolved over the years to a passion that is reflected in the cars we drive, the charities we give time and effort to and to every area of the resort's operations."

Guests to Creekside Inn & Resort are always impressed by Crescione's warm hospitality and the friendliness of the delightfully decorated accommodations set harmoniously among the redwoods and within walking distance of the Russian River. Her inspiration was to create a unique destination reminiscent of the pensiones of Europe and she has achieved it.

Attracted to the lower Russian River by the diversity of the residents she created a resort that revels in its diverse appeal to a wide variety of visitors. Cottage or inn, budget or packed with guest amenities, full breakfast or full kitchen, family friendly or couples romance hideaway are all accommodation options that Crescione provides. The one consistency is that they all reflect Crescione's deep commitment to ecology and promoting the sustainability of the beautiful natural environment that is their setting.

bikegroupbest.jpg"It has always been important to me that Creekside Inn & Resort offer a friendly retreat among nature to all our guests, but it is the family on vacation or quick weekend rejuvenator that I am always especially pleased to have at the inn. Family and family travel has always been important to me. I grew up in family that traveled for weeks every summer and I know how beneficial it is to be able to have these shared experiences of relaxation and fun," said Crescione.