Bardessono: The New Mecca for Wine Country Luxury

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bardessono.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Every once in a while, a destination comes on line that not only exceeds the current standard, but redefines it as well. Such is the case for Bardessono, a Napa Valley resort that combines cutting edge design with the highest standards in hospitality and unparalleled sustainability.

Aesthetic Achiever, Sustainable Star
Open since February 2009, the 62-room hotel, spa and restaurant ascribes to the most rigorous guidelines for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) construction, deftly integrating energy-conserving solutions such as solar panels and on-site geothermal wells for heating and cooling with a flawless contemporary aesthetic that at once complements and enhances its surroundings.

Surroundings, I might add, which are nothing short of spectacular themselves.
Relaxation Revelation
Built from locally quarried stone and reclaimed California wood on some 300 acres in the heart of Yountville, the Phil Sherburne-developed property boasts no shortage of avant-luxe amenities in keeping with its sustainable standard, including efficient lighting, state-of-the-art motion-sensor blinds (which cut down on heating and cooling costs), low-flow plumbing and design-forward fire-water-and-stone sculptures made from - of course - "upcycled" materials.  It's a mecca, to be sure: One where you can enjoy the likes of top-shelf cuisine, Master Sommelier-selected beverages and the latest in high-tech non-surgical spa services without a second thought about the impact of your carbon footprint (at Bardessono, it's almost certainly next to nil).  

We can thank this knowledge, in turn, for ushering in a new kind of relaxation entirely: One today's guest can only truly experience when her surroundings are in keeping with her 21st Century values - values that champion environmental conservation over comfort (though we'll gladly take both, thank you very much), energy savings over excessive output and intelligent design incorporating salvaged materials over new construction.

Past Meets Present...And the Future Looks Bright

And while smart amenities no doubt elevate the Bardessono experience to the uppermost standard of modern luxury, the most impressive element of the Bardessono package lies in its conscientious - and elegant - integration of past and present.  

Built on the site of the original Bardessono family homestead - the property incorporates stone quarried for the original family home in the hotel's entryway, and black-and-white photographs of the family line the walls in the lobby - the place's acknowledgement of its agrarian past sits comfortably alongside its exuberant embrace of what's modern, reminding us of what lies at the core of sustainability:  a sense of continuity.  

That a place can be home to many people, many uses, and many memories 100 years ago, today and in 200 years - this flexibility over time is what sustainability is really about.  

That Bardessono achieves it in impeccable style is just the icing on the cake.   

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This is a excellent 62-room hotel, spa and restaurant.

Ok, I want to stay here!

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